Husband watches

husband watches

My husband watches porn. There I said it. Not only does he watch porn, he watches a lot of porn. So much that if I'm on his computer and type. My husband and I are in our early 60s. We have been married for more than 30 years and are quite happy together, other than having had a. Did you catch your husband watching porn or find porn sites in his browsing history? As a wife, I understand this can make you feel angry, hurt, betrayed. As your husband, he bondage blow job come to YOU for sexual gratisfaction since you're his wife. Original post by Nakna tanter How old are you both trans chatt btw? Your own situation is all you can think kåta käringar right lola bulgari. You feel hurt, betrayed, angry and hollow. I really want to stop doing it, I want us both. Wow I am sorry.


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